“The Mads in Italiano” EP

The Mads In Italiano Front.jpg

For my friends abroad, this is the translation of the press release I’ve written expecially for this archive material EP, out today, digital and CD. 

Title “The Mads In Italiano”

Label: Area Pirata / Sexy Groovy Rhythms
Format : CD & Digital (EP)
Cat.#: APC57
Release date: Dec 16th, 2016

The Mads … are Italian! So why this EP emphasizes the fact they are singing in our mother tongue? The reason is they are musically born English, the music they loved when they met at school was British (The Beatles the common matrix), the band name a deliberate mispronunciation (a triple sense, in fact) of the Mod culture in their blood, and the resulting original songs conceived and written in English. Except for this EP that collects rare and previously unreleased recordings dated 1979/1983. 4 tracks that have also the peculiarity of representing the evolution of the band

“Sono Chiuso In Lei” is the Italian version of their own “I’m A Lonely Boy” (1980), A video was shot for the seminal TV show “Punk e a Capo” and it’s the only video recovered from the first phase of The Mads (You can find it on youtube). Always played in English at the gigs tho.

“Psycho Rock’n’Roll Art” was written even before, in 1979, the riff is less mod-beat and more British blues. Also a double version: the original in English appears on the compilation “The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men (Deluxe)” by Well Suspect Records.

“Io Dirò” is a Toni Graziani jewel, a song conceived in Italian and recorded in 1982. It highlights the growth of the band as compositional technique and influences. It blends an elaborate melody of late-beat influence with a nursery rhyme chorus, typical of bands such as Creation, and The Who.

“Solo Verità” is the last song written and recorded as The Mads [before the reunion, of course], in 1983. Soon after this demo the band split, having rejected a shameful proposal by a “major” requiring structural changes, morphing onto “Soul Express”. The song is amazing, almost Bowie-ish, the arrangement shifts the standard mod style and takes something from the (then) contemporary “wave”, but it also anticipates the sound of other bands rising in London in the early 90.

Flavio Candiani, Milano, December 2016

The Mads:
Luis Bergamaschi – Basso e Voce
Mauro Fossati – Batteria e Voce
Toni Graziani – Chitarra Solista e Voce
Marco Pertusati – Voce e Chitarra Ritmica

Management: Cpt.Stax (348 3951033) cpt.stax@themads.org

Web: http://www.themads.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themads
Bandcamp: http://www.themads.bandcamp.com

Area Pirata: areapirata.com

Press Release by Sexy Groovy Rhythms



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