An insignificant observation about the reissue “facelift”

Today’s news about the re-mastered boxset of “My Generation” and the fact that Pete and Rog have overdubbed/replaced new guitar and vocal tracks (don’t know yet exactly what, just when), brings me back to an old discussion I had at the time of the Stones’ “Exile on Main St” DeLuxe edition, where the job was much more than “corrections”, virtually half of the bonus disc of unreleased songs was rebuilt from scratch. Or the less known case of Paul Weller who in 1992 re-recorded new vocal tracks for a couple of the Extras’ Jam demos.

My personal point of view is quite radical, the old records shouldn’t be touched, and the demos, if posthumously published, left in the original condition. I find it quite ridiculous that a band re-record their own parts after 30/40 years. this is their undisputable right, mind you, but I rather prefer when a band redo it completely (either live or in the studio, I quote Squeeze or The Zombies as recent examples) and propose it openly as a new edition.

Curious to know your opinion. Have a nice day the cap

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