The Family Silver @ The Captain Stax Show

A real privilege to have 3 long time music heroes of mine guesting at The Captain Stax Show this week! Mod Radio UK welcomes Matt Deighton, Steve White and Damon Minchella, aka The Family Silver. Their exclusive selection for our station is “Eclectic Breed” I called it, inspired by name and artwork of their 1st album “Electric Blend”, released last year. You’ll hear classic rock, brit folk, rap, blue eyed soul… and I added a few original songs recorded as The Family Silver, Trio Valore (Whitey and Damon) and Matt Deighton’s recent solo single. Open your mind and enjoy!

Tracks selected by The Family Silver
Matt Deighton
Steve White
Damon Minchella
and Cpt Stax (TFS, TV and solo tracks)

Streaming link:

Here’s the above mentioned “breed” artwork I used as “coming soon” and mixcloud cover


Playlist :

Cpt – The Family Silver – Peace & Love (Don’t it Feel Good) (3:25)
Matt – Free – Easy on my Soul (3:46)
Steve – The Graveltones – Bang Bang (3:43)
Damon – Echo & The Bunnymen – Over The Wall (6:01)
Cpt – Trio Valore – #LiarsAndCheaters (6:19)
Steve – N.W.A – Straight Outta Compton (4:18)
Damon – Public Enemy – Rebel Without a Pause (4:18)
Matt – Terry Reid – Dean (4:45)
Cpt – Matt Deighton – (Sometimes There’s) Lightening (4:26)
Damon – The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Killing Floor [Live] (3:14)
Matt – Ronnie Lane – She’s Leaving (3:41)
Steve – The Style Council – Walls Come Tumbling Down (3:25)
Cpt – Amy Winehouse vs Trio Valore – ReRehab (3:56)
Matt – Free – Magic Ship (5:22)
Steve – David Bowie – Blackstar (9:57)
Damon – Twenty One Pilots – Holding On To You (4:26)
Cpt – The Family Silver – Privilege (3:39)

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