Back on-air: The Captain Stax Show

The right time is now. After a few months ..many.. of “technical stop” (read: “DJ’s block “) and after having bored You with old mixes from the recent past, I’m returning to radio broadcast and I’m gonna start the new season of “The Captain Stax Show” (Year XII). You will get me, as always, via Mod Radio UK ( and ) and simultaneously on Mixcloud ( ), in this last case without my tragicomic spoken parts, just music. Thanks to my few but faithful listeners who want me back on-air, and to our MRUK boss who waited for me. I like to think that I’m back “by popular demand” because the first time I saw this sentence was on the NME advert of The Jam singles, all reprinted the same time in 1980  🙂

As with every year I have a new opening theme, this year I chose a short extract from “Apache” reinterpreted by Shawn Lee and Mick Talbot, while the sensual talkover introducing “The Captain Stax Show” is my friend Vivienne that I caught during a party with my phone, unnoticed by her husband (Hello Fabio  🙂 )

During the first episode I will surely introduce “Well Suspect” label’s new life, playing, second only to Craig Charles, the cover version of the year, ie “I Got By In Time” by Private Jones, the “Motownization” of the 1977 Jam. The white vinyl single will be available for Record Store Day, and later included in the “Generation Mod” compilation. Expect this, and much more, at the Captain Stax Show, coming soon on these frequencies.

Stay tuned and keep the faith  🙂 the cap

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