Ronnie Jones & The Q-Set



I’m back talking of Ronnie Jones, after the exhaustive Cherry Red / RPM collection that covered all his ’60s releases. There’s a “hole” left in the musical history of my fellow citizen and friend the mentioned English label couldn’t plug, for the simple fact that there are no records or studio tapes at all: The Q-Set, a terrific Soul band with Jamaican sound influences with which Ronnie has played in UK and Europe in 1967/68, just before settling here in our country.

There’s not much about them on the internet, so this post is an excuse to check if anyone has kept and saved amateur recordings, photos or other stuff I’d be very interested to see and hear.

An excerpt from Tony O’Malley online bio, band founder and member:

“Ian Samwell, writer of Cliff Richard’s first hit “Move It”. was managing the Soul band Malcolm McGarren and the Blueshealers, which Tony eventually joined at the age of 16. The band was later to become Ronnie Jones and the Q Set that played a long residency at the Bag O’Nails club in Soho, where such luminaries as Jimi Hendrix would often pop down to jam with the band. The Q Set then toured the UK, France, Italy and Greece”

Here are a couple of promotional photos of the band, and RamJam Club live programme.
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