Press Release “The Mads A Go-Go”

December 18th, 2015
For “Immediate Release” (happy to be part of the industry of human happiness)

The Mads release “The Mads A Go-Go“, a 6 tracks digital mini-LP of cover versions, all included in their standard live set. The songs were infact recorded live in studio, half at the (now closed) “Fuori Fase” (same sessions as their “Four By The Mads” EP, 2014) and half at the current beloved headquarter, the “Sunfex Studio” (same sessions as their “The Mads In Soul” EP, 2015) making it the perfect compendium of 2 years of live activity.

The digital mini-LP is available as FREE download at Bandcamp, SoundCloud and ReverbNation, where the other 2 mentioned “live” EPs are still available as well, and where You can also purchase the double-A-side single, physical copy or digital download.

The Mads are now recording original songs (written by Toni, Luis and Marco, with a little help from the old Cap’n as mad lyricist) for the forthcoming LP, out sometime in 2016, and it’s going to be a BOMB! Trust me.

Merry Christmas from The Mads and me.
Cpt Stax


Website :

Recommended free download link :

(including mp3, aac, flac and wav )

The Mads A Go-Go Front


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