The Captain Stax Show 174

MOD RADIO UK presents : the CAPTAIN STAX SHOW #174

Mod Radio UK’s premiere of the new double A side single by Cow & Steve Ellis, release date June 8th. Details here:

To celebrate the single and also Paul’s stunning new LP “Saturns Pattern”, the Captain Stax Show playlist is a Wellercentric affair, I have selected tracks by members and ex-members of the Paul Weller band, including some hard to find recordings, like The Family Silver demo, another Mod Radio UK exclusive of coupla months ago. This radio show, as you see below, will not be replicated on Mixcloud, therefore I recommend you to listen to the radio, according to the schedule. Enjoy the cap

Cow & Steve Ellis – Up (3:34)
Mick Talbot / Crispin Taylor / Ernie McKone – Cissy Strut (2:36)
Matt Deighton – (Sometimes There’s) Lightning (4:26)
Paul Weller – Praise If You Wanna (Japanese Bonus) (1:35)
Paul Weller – (I’m a) Roadrunner (SP Box Bonus) (2:48)
Andy Lewis & Wesley Doyle – The Best Of Days (3:06)
The Moons (ft Paul Weller) – Wondering (3:15)
Steve Pilgrim (ft Paul Weller) – Firecracker (3:32)
Steve Cradock – Carnation (Demo) (3:14)

Steve Ellis & Cow – Rise (4:22)
Andy Crofts – Andromeda. (2:46)
Atlantique – Interlude/Les cheveux emmêlés (5:46)
The Family Silver – Peace & Love (Don’t It Feel Good?) (Demo) (3:03)
The Moons & Paul Weller – Something Soon (2:57)
Steve Cradock – Small Personal Fortune (1:17)
Dee C Lee & The Deep MO – It’s Not Over (3:43)
Trio Valore – #LiarsAndCheaters (Full Version) (6:19)
Andy Lewis – What Can I Say (3:22)
Push (ft Paul Weller) – Stomp (3:07)


friday 07.30pm (gmt)

saturday 11.30am
saturday 04.30pm
sunday 07.00am
sunday 04.30pm
tuesday 04.30pm
wednesday 10.30pm
thursday 04.30pm
friday 03.30am

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