Q: Does the “SexyGroovyStudio” really exist?

A listener asked me recently, after hearing the unfamous studio mentioned many times during my poor radio talkies. Answer is no and yes. No cos I don’t have a real studio and I’m broadcasting for my home, yes cos it’s more than just a “mic & pc” like it was 10 years ago, it’s been updated, and, very luckily, not touched by the burglars invading my
house few weeks ago.

So here it is… in the pic:
– a 7 years old PBell PC, midrange at the time, up to date now and still working fine
– a basic Edjing sofware.
– a usb M-audio pro microphone
– Sennheiser wireless hi-fi headphones
– Sony bluetooth system as audio support
– An old Iconia tablet connected with the net for instant infos abt records/artists
– a Surface Pro2, docked, with Soundforge Audio Studio and/or Audacity for post production.
– Cat, stereo, turntable, cd players and records(!) are in the room as well, but not in the pic.

That’s my corner where I record my “radio shows” and mixes. No relation with the SexyGroovyRhythms label studio, cos Mike Painter’s music is created and recorded in his own, real, recording studio in Milano.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all our listeners. the cap


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