Ronnie Jones

I have just mixed a new cloudcast dedicated to RnB and Soul Maestro Mr Ronnie Jones. It’s a selection of my radio shows at Mod Radio UK and includes an exclusive and 3 cover versions he recorded in the 70s, an era out of the radar of the mod scene, usually focused in His early 60s records. Talkin of the glorious decade You’ll find here Ronnie’s complete 60s discography, a note I wrote for facebook some years ago. What can I say to a man who worked with both Keith Mansfield and Syd Dale’s orchestras at their heighs? Legend

Ronnie Jones : Definitive 60’s Discography

I was looking in my vaults for some tracks to be included in a forthcoming Ronnie Jones MRUK special, focused on his early “RnB years”, so it’s the right time to do some order in my fellow citizen’s 60s discography. This is what I got, should be very near to be definitive, I’m tagging on this note Ronnie himself and a couple of esteemed experts, I’m sure they will help to finalize it. I know of at least one more track not appearing on single, that’s “Night Time Is The Right Time” by Alexis Korner on the seminal Decca’s “RnB” Collection. More? feel free to add your comments!

(Decca F 12012)1964 : I Need Your Loving / Let’s Pin A Rose On You
(Decca F 12066)1965 : My Love / It’s All Over
(Decca F 12146)1965 : Anyone Who Knows What Love Is / Nobody But You
(Parlophone R 5326)1965 : You’re Looking Good / I’m So Clean
(Smash S 2047 USA) 1966 : Satisfy My Soul / My Only Souvenir
(CBS 2699)1967 : Little Bitty Pretty One / Put Your Tears Away
(Polydor 56222)1967 : In My Love Mind / Mama Come On Home
(CBS 3304)1968 : Without Love (There Is Nothing) / Little Bitty Pretty One

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