…Live, for 1 night only… The Paul Weller Authority

Scene 1
I’m at the Black Barn Studios, end of march/beginning of april 2013, the Guv’r in front of me is talking about a “one-off” Soul oriented gig, and we (!) are selecting possible tracks. He has a clear idea of the backing band he needs.. Whitey, Yolanda, Helen and a “all-girls horn section” (his own words) I say…Paul you should play “Are You Trying To Be Lonely” and “It’s Written In The Stars”, “Walls Come Tumbling Down” but also a few less obvious choices. He says…sure! …

Scene 2
Next morning, fresh from that meeting and great news, pen in my hand I’m writing an imaginary setlist, tracks I love and I think would perfectly suit such line up (with a horn section + a string quartet too). In my head the right person as event’s music director and live producer.

Scene 3
Near the end of the year here’s the postman with this little envelope, sender is Xxxxx Xxxxx (a member of the horn section, an Italian girl) and includes a CDr handmarked as “The Paul Weller Authority” + a complete setlist (interesting detail: Carleen to sing a few tracks) and an extra note, translated from Italian as “songs we’ve been asked to practice and learn”

Scene 4
No secret rehearsals as much as I know, true story or just an old fan’s dream? Never say never. Meanwhile I mixed that “practice” CDr for the station, a good excuse to listen again to some of Weller’s best, live versions, a few studio and a few rare alt’s. Enjoy

Friday, May 16th 2014, h.7:30pm (gmt)



The Paul Weller Authority

Bring back The Funk (Instrumental)
It’s Written In The Stars
Are You Trying To Be Lonely
Walls Come Tumbling Down
Be Happy Children
Absolute Beginners
Speak Like A Child
Aim High (Carleen Lead Vocals)
A Solid Bond In Your Heart
As We Come To Be (Carleen Lead Vocals)
What Dreams Are Made Of (Carleen and Dee (?) Lead Vocals)
I Think You’re Lucky/Dr Love (Carleen Lead Vocals)
All I Wanna Do Is Be With You
Pity Poor Alfie
Have You Made Up/The Piper/No Tears To Cry (Medley)
The Bitterest Pill
Here’s One That Got Away
One x One
Burning Bridges (Carleen Lead Vocals)
Council Meetin’

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