10 Years of Web-radio in 10 Minutes

Dear listener, I’m “celebrating” 10 years of web-djing for Mod Radio UK. Each and every year I started my show with a different “theme” so here they are all together, with some curious “secret” behind the mix.

– 1st – Captain’s Log 2004 theme is, of course, an edit of the Small Faces “Green Circles” in Italian. or “Raggi Verdi” in Plonk’s translation. Still unreleased at the time so it’s taken from an unofficial promo CD single shared amongst the old fans of the band. The talkover “Captain Stax” courtesy of Craig Charles.
– 2nd – 2005 theme is Patricia Barber’s jazzy version of The Beat Goes On, with Craig again on talkover and an edit of John Belushi as Captain Kirk, from SNL.
– 3rd – 2006 theme is Patti Smith‘s exciting version of 5-4-3-2-(wave) with the finale taken from an old Stak Trek Voyager game, Captain Janeway talking of an iMod in the hands of the Borg (I never had an iPod so called that way my mp3 players).
– 4th – 2007 theme starts with the voice of a Star Trek parody cartoon and music courtesy of Mike Painter & The Family Shakers, unreleased funky live cover of “Kool and The Gang“. Craig again, presenting me as “Flavio, the Captain” this time 🙂
– 5th – 2008 theme is Deep Purple Live at Playboy After Dark mixed with bloopers of the real Captain Kirk (the aaah and uuuhhh and “somebody help the capt’n!”). Sexy voice at the end courtesy of the lovely Jacqui Carroll :).

At the end of the 5 year mission the Captain’s Log had to be terminated, and I re-started as “The Captain Stax Show”

– 6th – 2009 theme is a I Can’t Explain coda by Elton John‘s band. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anybody recording talkovers, so I had to use a cheap human voice software for the intros, not a brilliant idea indeed, it sounded like a robot (it was!)
– 7th – 2010 theme is (mashupper) Go Home Production‘ mix of The Jam “But I’m Different Now” with vocal ending borrowed and remixed by me from a Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake tribute album (not Stanley Unwin as you might think!)
– 8th – 2011 theme is Paul Weller and his band, an unreleased interlude played during a recording pause at a Dutch TV studio in 1996, I called it “Stanley Blues“, plus robot vocals again.
– 9th – 2012 theme is Trio Valore, aka Steve White, Damon Minchella and Seamus Beaghen, with Malc Deakin on Hammond, available only on a Hammond B3 demonstration DVD, made to teach the basics of the organ to beginners, but the result is so groovy!
-10th – 2013 theme is an edit of The Red Inspectors cover of a famous 60/70s children TV programme. Farrah Fawcett tells me to go “to bed and enjoy my blues” from the awful SciFi movie “Saturn 3” and Paul Weller has the last words with Blink guide vocals.

That’s all folks, a long trip, to be continued….

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