Staxipedia Express : Just give me 10 minutes and I will deliver a Masterpiece

Paul Weller’s 1980 Jam hit ‘That’s Entertainment’ was the result of a boozy drinking session, written in ten minutes. “I wrote in 10 mins flat, whilst under the influence, I’d had a few but some songs just write themselves. It was easy to write, I drew on everything around me. It was one of those songs that needed to be written, every now and then they write themselves.”
Paul Weller @ Absolute Radio

Otis Redding’s 1965 R&B hit “I Can’t Turn You Loose” was aptly named, considering that he refused to leave for his next show until guitarist Steve Cropper laid down the song’s famous lick. “We had recorded in the afternoon, while Otis Redding’s bus, with his band in it, was waiting outside the studio,‘No, no, I’ve got one more thing. One more thing”. The singer asked Cropper to play the opening riff one more time, and they proceeded to put down the master version right then.“We made one take, and if you listen to it, he kind of sings the same verse over and over again because he hadn’t finished writing the song yet! We put it all together, while they were sitting on the bus screaming: ‘Otis, get on the bus!’” We did it in about 10 minutes.”
Steve Cropper @ Ron Wood Show

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