Staxipedia Express : The windmills of your Keef

Pete Townshend attributes his famous windmill guitar motion to Keith Richards:

“The Who supported the Stones for two shows, they were young, they were brand new and they had one hit, with a Chuck Berry song called Come On. I met them back stage and they were all very charming. As the curtain opened, Keith Richards is doing this [stands up and stretches his arm, making the wind-milling motion] and I was thinking, ‘Wow, that’s so cool!’

I thought it was part of his ‘thing.’ so a couple of weeks later, we supported them again in a club in south London. I’m watching carefully, waiting, and he didn’t do it. I then asked Richards why he didn’t do his ‘thing’.

He went, ‘What???!!‘ I can’t tell you what exactly what he said…but the inference was ‘I’m Keith Richards. Do you really think I’m gonna do ballet?’ That was the inference”

Pete Townshend @ David Letterman, 2012



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