10 Years Ago Today: Slow Time Mondays

10 years ago today we (at Splinters, the historical Paul Weller mailing list) were working on the final details, tracklist and distribution rules for our own version of the “Paul Weller Acoustic Tour” album, called “Slow Time Mondays” after Jim Pinkington’s suggestion. A sort of “Days of Speed vol 2” including all the unofficially available tracks not on the official album.

A successful project involving many members like Karl (recording’s main source, archive supremo) Grigio (“Dutch team” recordings) Dodger (drawings) Martin (database / phisical distribution coordinator) me (artwork and tracklist “consultant”) and others. The result was indeed more interesting and “true” than the official live album, even if coming from audience recordings mostly. We can be proud because the album never escaped the control of the real fans circle and didn’t reach ebayers and bootleggers (as far as I know).

The distribution started just after the 9/11 tragedy, and I remember myself trying to do the back sleeve artwork at home that sleepless night, while watching the news in horror and despair. In the end I didn’t finish it but, almost unconsciously, I made what could be seen as a simple tribute to the twin towers.

The album re-appears today as a streaming cloudcast only, and for the 1st time outside Splinters, to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Here’s the Mixcloud link:
Slow Time Mondays

We know Paul Weller was (and is) an avid collector of fans recordings and he’s not against these kind of things, so I had a copy ready to be shipped at the Black Barn Studios (fao: John Weller!). But in the end we thought it wasnt a great idea, cos maybe the label, or John, would consider it as a bootleg (it’s not!). I’m pretty sure if we were able to give it to Paul in person he’d love it!


4 thoughts on “10 Years Ago Today: Slow Time Mondays

  1. was at the weller concert the night john martyn came on stage epic and wellers tribute to him, have been looking for a recording of concert or these songs for years

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