Staxipedia Express: “A Porky Prime Cut” Mystery Explained

“Dark, cryptic scribblings etched upon the vinyl at the center of certain records, sometimes signed with the legend “A Porky Prime Cut” were written by ex singer and guitarist of the beat combo “The Fourmost”, Mr George Peckham, working at the Apple studios in 1968 as “chief cutter” for The Beatles. Originally the “Porky” (a nickname George got in Liverpool cos of all the old slagbags he used to chase and the ale he put away) was a reference for the pressing plant should they need to contact the cutter. Later he left Apple, setting up his own business with The Master Room, working for indipendent acts and labels, such as Stiff Records, adding weird words on many innocent laquers.”

Arian Devoy (Q 1989)

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