Sunbusters Vol 1

I had a dream last night, a vip A&R from a big major label (a woman of course) told me she was in love with my “Best of the month” series (the sorta “shows” I play every month at Mod Radio Uk) to the point she would like to release a summer compilation, collecting my fave contemporary funk, soul and r&b tracks.

So I did it for her: played again all 6 episodes (october 2009/may 2010) and selected some singles, some album tracks, some oddities, hot stuff.

Imho a great soundtrack for the long hot summer 2010. I suggest you to find the way to move the file on your iPods, iPads, iMods, but play it with real loudspeakers and sing and dance with your friends all together. The name is “inspired” by the glorious “Motown Chartbusters” of course.

This is just a podcast, if You’ll like it, please support the artists and real record labels, the small and indie ones expecially, who still produce and distribute such wonderful music in our days, god bless Daptone, Record Kicks, Hammonbeat, Acid Jazz and so on. Hey! Support Mod Radio Uk too!

Click on the image and enjoy.

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