Art-Emotional Fish

Another old post of mine from the ex-motime blog. This one was originally written in october 2008, and I’m really pleased to repost it, because I’m talking of a friend who’s having all the recognition he deserves. The subject was just a pun, mixing the well known “An emotional fish” with his nickname and his art.


I know Fish since a long time now, I have never met him in person (soon I will, hopefully  🙂  ) but we ‘attend’ the same circles of mad Weller fans, so we are in digital contact very often.

Why do I tell you this? Because Stefan Duerr a.k.a. Fish is one of the most original music photographers of our days. His shots, the art of catching a moment, the use of the dark tones vs the bright colours to fix an emotion is unique. I simply love it.

The photos of the new official OCS dvd are by Stef, and he’s just back from a couple of Paul Weller euro-dates, so he’s going to publish some mindblowing pictures of Paul and his band, I’ve seen a few and I would like to have em as giant paintings on my wall.

I’m pretty sure many of you, my friends, know him and his work already, but If you dont, here’s the link (click the thumbnails)

Fish Tnail1Fish Tnail2

Stefan Duerr was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1968.

His interest in photography began during his childhood and developed into work with landscapes and portraits, before his first stab at live pictures in 2006 for Paul Weller. This led him to Ocean Colour Scene via guitar ace Steve Cradock. Stefan became the official photographer for the band, producing the artwork for Cradock’s debut solo album, as well as documenting the recording of OCS’s forthcoming album at Rockfield Studios and their live performances.

He also works with many other bands and artists, taking pictures and designing sleeves. His portfolio includes Paul Weller, Paolo Nutini, The Vals, Marner Brown, Declan O’Rourke, The Moons and Amy Macdonald.

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