The Bureau : 2 unreleased concert tapes discovered !

I published this 1 and a half year ago, I just checked the link again and looks like it works, so…enjoy!


This is almost unbelievable (and a real surprise gift) for us Bureau fans!

As far as december 2003, during my interview with Mick Talbot (I uploaded again on this very page) I was hopelessy asking him abt old Bureau live tapes :

The Bureau Live 1981 Pass

The Bureau Live 1981 Pass

<..> CS “….Do you know of any full live concert recorded and good enough for an official release?” MT : “the Bureau did quite a lot in a short space of time.<…>There may be some live stuff though I dont have any personally.”

As you know by now Warner released a double cd in 2005 including the original album with 4 bonus tracks and a second live disc. Then the reunion dates and the new sessions, with a brave new album out this year ( see Ian Jennings’  “Got To Be Now’ a dream fulfilled HERE for the full story) .

Well… just when I was thinking every good quality Bureau track was finally available, look what I discovered by pure coincidence tonite: not one but 2 live tapes from 1981 including 2 completely new and unreleased tracks “Johnny” and “Words of Ice” that, I guess, were meant to be included in the mysterious (and scrapped) second album.

The tapes are coming from the soundboard > compact cassette > transferred to digital good quality (mp3s)and the concerts at Warwick University and Venue Victoria London, both december 1981.

So HERE is the page where You can find both. Looking for Excitement! indeed!
the cap

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