Introducing Stone Foundation : the Zani interview

I discovered Stone Foundation thanks to one of my first trips with MySpace, late 2006, looking for interesting new breed to play and promote via my radio show at Mod Radio UK. The band was already launching the second album In Our Time, but for me it was like an illumination to find a song like We’ll be Flying, a mix of late 60’s psychedelic beat, pinches of Traffic arrangement and British folk. Lovely melodies, in fact the same ingredients you can find in Paul Weller’s early solo career, or Galliano’s best moments, with fat sounds, only better. Love at first spin indeed.

A quick leap forward and two years later, the third album Small Town Soul sessions begin to appear on MySpace again, wow The band very kindly recorded a jingle for Mod Radio UK (the hidden 18th track at the end of Small Town Soul) and when I received the new album I was shocked how good and all rounded it was. One of those records nobody does anymore, a modern classic. So…can I keep a secret like this? No way Everybody must know it

My interview with Neil Jones of Stone Foundation was published last july by Zani, Matteo Sedazzari’s n.1 UK webmagazine. Click to the logo to read all about it, and check my Youtube channel for some nice videos of the band.

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