From the SGR Vaults: Podcast 2007 (a good year for the music)

2 years ago, during a boring Xmas day, I made this podcast including some of my fave songs of 2007 (a good year for music? possibly yeah). As the original link is still working, let’s give this eclectic mix another spin, sounds good indeed! To my ears at least (what a pity a very promising new band like Cooljerk is no more, and also The Sights are now basically a one-man-band brand)


[Published 25/12/2007] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends.  Yes it’s still the Xmas day while I’m writing this blog, my belly is so full of panettone, chocolate sweets and wine I’d better do something relaxing. Like playing my fave music of the year. And trying a sort of podcast to share it with You. So here there are 15 tracks amongst the most significant for me, and here’s the list and why.

01 THE ANYDAYS – I feel free
I discovered this beat band in 2006 thanks to myspace and their first single and following demos. But in 2007 they released one of my top albums on this new millenium, “Sound”. “I feel free” is representing the whole album here. Welcome to the new beat vision.

02 THE SIGHTS – Joanna (demo)
No new album in 2007, “only” 4 new demos available on myspace. But, what the hell of terrific demos! “Joanna” is a modern instant classic, a miniopera that starts like Nazz, morphing into Billy Nicholls and Dodgy, with a drop of Small Faces hammond perfume and ending in full psychedelic soft smoke. Classic!

03 PHILOMANKIND – Man of make believe
The most original Italian new (beat/pop/60s influenced/psych) band. Full stop. the Piaggesi brothers in their recent Who trip. Benjamin (expecially the original demo) was fantabulous, like 67′ Who sung by Mamas&papas and Abba. And this song is another little masterpiece. Their technical and melodical skill is well over the standards. and so is the composition.

04 COOLJERK – No use in crying
Another new young band I’m totally devoted to.  2 singles, both great! Cant wait for the album. They play clean soul and rnb, sometimes remind me of early 80s british bands doing soul, but they are much much better than e.g. Joboxers. CoolJerk know how to produce with style, how to leave the sound clean and not jammed in instrumentation, the art of keep it simple, like Costello and his engeneer Bechirian in the late 70s.

05 BABY CHARLES – Back of my hand
A band suggested me by many friends of the Uk funk scene, like a sorta european answer to the Dap-Kings. Under contract with my own town’s label Record Kicks, they released this genuine soulful single and I loved it since the first spin. Live they are even better! Waiting for them in Milano for the forthcoming album’s showcase in february!

06 MODUS – The snake
These Scottish Mod(u)s  published their debut album in 2007. I met them in Rimini 2 years ago and I’ve been impressed by their live act and demos. They are really a classy act, Sarah is a beauty with a beautiful voice, and Rod a very good producer. There’s not a  bad track on the album, so I choose The Snake only cos I played already on my caplog. Recommended.

07 GRAHAM DAY & THE GAOLERS – Too few things
Our hero is back, new band, new album, on tour already with a date here in Italy in january. For every fan I know this is one of the best songs of the album, and I agree 100%. It’s up there with Graham ‘s “best of” ever. Powerful and melodic. Classic Day stuff. We have never enough of this.

08 DAVID POTTS – I’m the greatest
One of the first albums I bought in 2007. To be honest the album is not all good, but this single is like early Supergrass and early Who together. I like the riff a lot, the guitar and double voice with falsetto. He’s not the greatest but this is his greatest  song without doubts.

09  SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS – Nobody’s baby
Much much much (the maximum) r-e-s-p-e-c-t  to Daptone (records and productions). The recent album “100” of Sharon Jones is, imho, less immediate and danceable than the previous two, too many slow numbers probably. But  Nobody’s baby is magic for me. Another classic in the making.

10 DR ROBERT & PP ARNOLD – Five in the afternoon
Another top 10 album for me. If I say Heavenly duet, thats not a sin to pronounce, they are a perfect mix. Pat sings so well like she always did, and Rob’s melodies and arrangement suit perfectly her voice and pathos. I play the title track, but i could play any other song from the album, they are all good!

11 THE HAGGIS HORNS – Hot damn!
Introduced to me by my very good friend Kelly Dickson long ago. Another album I played a lot in the last months even if I knew already some of the songs, released before as singles. The best soul/funk horn section this side of the ocean(s).

12  THE JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET – You beat me to the punch
James’ Motown album is amongst my faves in his huge discography. It’s the first JTQ album in years and years that I really enjoy playing from start to finish (he can’t do ‘bad’ albums, of course, but sometimes his releases are ‘hard’ to stand in full, like The Oscillator or A taste of cherry) And this song in particular always send me to aureal paradise. A rare case of a cover I like more than the original.

13 OCEAN COLOUR SCENE – On the leyline, waiting
Sales were disappointing, out of the charts forever, blame the bad distribution (no copies arrived e.g. in the italian record shops) but they last album was good! very good! I liked even Foxy’s ballads this time! the song I choose sounds a lil bit like the La’s. I like it, but, like La’s sounds, its soo short, too short.

14 PAUL WELLER & GRAHAM COXON –  This old town (Live)
And talking of OCS, the first time I played this -vinyl only- single I rated it poorly. OCS’s version was better, more fluid and (northern) soulful, Coxon singing out of tune, I also dont like Zak Starkey’s drumming style, (imho the only let-down of the latest Oasis album was because of Zak’s intrusive heavy beats).
Then I started to change my mind on “This old town”, I like it now. I like the middle eight addon (written by Coxon!) that sounds like coming from “All mod cons”. I played this song a lot, expecially the version recorded Live for Jonathan Ross, with Mani on bass. It’s not very different from the studio version, but more powerful. Details make the difference.

15 PAUL WELLER & ANDY LEWIS – Are you trying to be lonely.
Not much to say. This is the single of the year. a N.1 in our hearts. Months and months of playing and Im still not bored or tired.  let’s end then with a funny story of E.S.P. and “(small) dreams come true”…
It was april 2007 when Eddie Piller (Acid Jazz boss) on his blog wrote: <..> may 16th – Heavy Soul, Petrol Club, Antwerp. Belgium – this is the big one of the year, a line up that includes me alongside Keb Darge, Andy Lewis, Thierry Steuve, Lefties Soul Connection and a special celebrity spinning guest. Soul and funk and more. worth the trip<..> At the time we Weller fans knew already Paul was the special guest dj, so I replied explaining my wishes and hopes <…>about time to produce him and release a new soul single on acid jazz! think abt it when you’ll speak with your new “collegue” in belgium…<..>  Well… I didnt know Paul was actually planning to release a single with Andy Lewis, nobody told me, honest!. Nobody could expect Weller to be on Acid Jazz. So, when, one month or two later, the first whispers were floating around, I’ve been so shocked cos it was like a premonition…. a good premonition infact!

Click on the cover to download the podcast and enjoy
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