From the SGR Vaults : Mod Radio Uk DJs Roster

This is coming from the early months of 2006. At the time we (at MRUK) did a sorta promo “press pack” and some heavy mailing (belated sorry for that ūüôā ) to various music related channels. This was the list of our station’s djs and their roots/influences. Most of them are still broadcasting, some not, some will be back on board soon, some new names (like my good cousin Davide) arrived. We must update it soon!

_____________________________________ – A groovy trip back to the 60s & 60s influenced music!

MOD RADIO UK is the internet radio mod style, plays all aspect of the MOD SCENE from the wonders of MOTOWN through NORTHERN SOUL, the jangly heart wrenching BLUES, the hip swaying LATIN`N JAZZ grooves through the 60`S BEAT & mind blowing PSYCHEDELIC beat to the footstomping SKA & ROCK STEADY, flowing nicely to the MOD REVIVAL movement & POWERPOP onto todays BRITPOP, so sit back and listen in & get smart!

24/7 Broadcasting schedule with 14 DJs coming from all over Europe, and LIVE shows (almost) every nite

Who : BUSTER, Station Guru and Tech Support
What : The Top 20 Show – The Main Stream Mix
When : Everyday as per schedule
Where : Scotland – Scottish Modernist in the scene now since 1980. Started Mod Radio Uk over 5 years ago on a “no holds barred” approach to the music that’s was and is played! Having great joy from the influx of great modern music that’s been passed to me for review & give airplay to & of course the people I`ve met online through the Station, Long may that continue!

Who : The WOLF, Danny, Telford Tigers SC
What : The Sounds Of The Wolf
When : Sunday 6.00-7.30pm  and everyday as per schedule
Where : Telford – Mod since early 1979, djing at many mod do’s around the midlands and beyond, in conjunction with Telford Time Out Mod Society and most recently with the Telford Tigers Scooter Club. I really do believe as Paul Weller said on Jonathon Ross Show once… “I am a mod, always will be a mod and I will probably die a mod”. The Sound of the Wolf show: all aspects of Mod music, including soul, 60’s beat, latin and jazz and 80’s-now Mod/60’s related music.

Who : RUSS, Thee FuzzFreak
What : Thee FuzzFreak Show
When : Sunday, 9.00-11.00pm Live!
Where : Leicester, England – A Sect Maniac! Got into the Mod scene 79..went onto the scooter scene where I found garage music through groups like The StingRays / The Vibes and been digging it ever since. Thee FuzzFreak Show playin’ Beat, Psych, Garage, Freakbeat, Soul + R’n’B

Who : RAFA
What : Crazy Helter Skelter
When : Monday, 7.30-8.30pm Live!
Where : Spain – Spanish boy interested in music, scooters and beer in that order. Freelance drinker, playing a crazy mix of soul, r&b, revival, spanish sixties and spanish rarities, garage and all the music that I believe it is good to be played whenever I do the slot.

What : Sir Chalks & Dr Viv
When : Monday, 8.30-11.30pm Live!
Where : Manchester – Sir Chalks, the better looking mod half of monday nights show. Born 1969.Been a mod for almost two thirds of my life. Unlike a lot of other ‘mods’, I’ve stayed as true to it as I can and haven’t ventured off down the scooterist path (nothing against scooterists). I listen to the whole mod genre from 50’s &60’s R&B, soul, blue eyed soul, Motown, blues, jazz, northern soul, beat, garage, freakbeat, psych, revival and new mod and indie bands. Serving up 3 hours of music and bollocks (chat) with Dr Viv, playing a mixed bag, but mostly blues and R&B. You’ll get a bit of new stuff
in there along with all the regular mod tunes from the 60’s and later.

Who : DAZ, Billy Hunt
What : BillyHunt, Keeper of “The Mod Archive”
When :Tuesday, 8.00-10.00pm Live! (temporarely moved on thursday 6.00-8.00)
Where : UK – Became a Mod in 79 after watching “The Specials ” first appearance on TOTP and thinking how good wearing a suit looked. Helped form the Mansfield Athenians but prefer to be independant ever since most of my mates became scooterists, riding with whoevers going in my direction. Was gonna have a tattoo that read “Mod For Life” years ago but decided I didnt need a label, Mod is in my heart and will not die till I do. I play anything I think is related to Mod and the Scooterist Scene. Fast and hard only limited by my own or my listeners imagination. I love to recieve requests and if I don’t have it I’ll get it for next time.

What : Hedges – Modgeezer
When : Wednesday  6.00- 8.00pm, Live!
Where : Northern Ireland – Originally from London but recently moved to Northern Ireland, been on the scene since ’85, once old enough to get a scooter. Been attending rallies, clubs, live gigs, up and down the British Isles as well as abroad. Thinking about it now, If I hadn’t have got into this lifestyle, I could have been a rich man!! But hey, all the fun, memories and friends i’ve met… …priceless!! Northern Coasters SC / Specials SC, I play a mixed Mod/Scooterist bag, Rhythm & Soul, Ska, Beat and maybe a touch of Revival

Who : QUIEN, El Watusi
What : El Watusi Radio Show
When : Wednesday 3.00-4.00pm, Live!
Where Spain : I love music and I started with the new wave era, Jam, Specials, Punk 77, 2tone. Now I love soul, jazz, freakbeat, garage, scooters, vinyls. My radio show: latin jazz and soul, modern jazz and second part of freakbeat over the world, mod bands etc..

Who : ASH
What : Mapped Out, The Rhythm & Soul Train
When : Wednesday  8.00-10.00pm, Live!
Where : Whitley Bay – Got into the Mod scene `81 … attended Scooter rallies up until recently when the urge to hear new Soul Sounds resulted in journeys up and down the North of England to Soul Nights/All-nighters. Playing R’n’B, Northern & Rare Soul and thrown in for good measure Mapped Out – Maximum 60’s Feel, all my shows are on vinyl, so can be hiss-terical – North-East Soul Union & Northern Faces Scooter Club

Who : FRED
What : The Fredrik Show
When : Thursday  8.00-10.00pm, Live!
Where : Malmo Sweden – King of Kings, Lord of Lords a jolly good chap, playing everything you always wanted to hear on the moog, everything you didn’t know was mod-music!

What : Captain’s Log
When : Friday 7.30-8.30pm, and everyday as per schedule
Where : Milano Praha Boise – Old enough to survive the invasion of the Merton Parkas, I’m having as much fun now as in my post-teenage mod days. Musically speaking I’m managing the Sexy Groovy Rhythms label/promo and co-leading the MilanoMods website. Here on Mod Radio I found a place of like minded and I play whatever I find interesting in my dusty archives, trying to give support and preference to unsigned bands, new stuff and mostly unplayed or buried gems.

Who : CHRIS, HalifaxMod
What : The Sounds of the Suburbs
When : Saturday  7.30-8.30pm, and everyday as per schedule
Where : Halifax, England – Born & bred in Halifax, Yorkshire, got into mod in 78 when i first heard The Jam. The Sounds of the Suburbs is a mix of all things mod, ska & punk from the 79 era

Who : SCOTT aka Skacrazy
What : Skacrazy Show
When : One-off shows, every now and then
Where : Durham Co. – I’m Scott from the Durham County S.C, playing a good mix of Ska and Reggae sounds with a bit of punk for good measure, everything from 60’s Trojan to modern day ska/punk and everything inbetween.

What : The Main Stream Mix
When : Everyday as per radio schedule
Where : England ‚Äď Sweden – 38 years young, can be seen out in about at the best mod clubs from England to Sweden, been into the mod scene over 20 years. Don’t have a regular show but my sets are played during the main stream. My tastes are quite varied, to me there is good music & bad music & I only play good music.

© 2006 Mod Radio Uk and


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